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For help with your insurance needs please contact TBS with any questions on the following:

Retirement Insurance Options?

Marketplace or non-metallic?


Questions on Medicare?

Medicare Supplements’?

Medicare Advantage?

RX Plans?

What’s your next step?

What does Medicare cover?

Does Medicare have Deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance?

Is there any way to help cover my out of pocket costs associated with Medicare?

Do I have to pay for Part B?

What are my options?

You can go online for information:

What is the Healthcare Marketplace?

How do I Enroll?

Do I need to Enroll?

What type of coverage is offered?

How much does it cost?

Am I eligible for any cost sharing help with my Premiums, Deductibles, coinsurance, copays?

Am I eligible for Tax Credits?

You can visit the Marketplace by clicking on the link below.


For questions on how this affects you, or for help enrolling, please contact one of the Licensed Professionals at TBS. We are certified and ready to help you navigate the Marketplace. We will help you gather the information you need to make an informed choice.


Small Businesses with Health & Wellness Programs Tout Bottom-Line Impact Humana, NSBA study shows more than 50 percent of startups see health and well-being as important to recruitment and retention

While most small businesses don’t offer health-and-wellness programs to their employees, three of four that offer such programs do find the initiatives have a positive impact on their bottom line. That’s one of the key conclusions of a study of more than 1,000 small-business owners by Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM), one of the nation’s leading health and well-being companies, and the National Small Business Association (NSBA), America’s leading small business advocate. NSBA partnered with Humana to develop a groundbreaking survey conducted by third-party research firm, Edelman Berland, on workplace wellness in America’s small businesses.

The study aimed to uncover health-and-wellness needs and barriers facing small businesses in today’s post-recession business recovery. An overwhelming 93 percent of the respondents consider their employees’ physical and mental health to be important to their financial results, but only one-third express confidence in their ability to help employees manage their well-being. More than half surveyed maintained that insufficient information is available that pertains to small businesses introducing health-and-wellness programs. (Note: This survey defined health-and-wellness programs at initiatives aimed at encouraging employees to make healthier choices such as getting preventative care, eating right and exercising.)

Share the study highlights and information with your clients and prospects.
View study results and information

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