“Stop putting band-aides on broken legs”

Total Benefits Solutions Inc., Your Professional Insurance Management Partners

Established: 2007
President: Paul L. Baeten
Founding Principals: An Ounce of Protection.

There is an old Proverb: “May you live in interesting times”.

In the health care industry “interesting times” are equated with risk retention. More risk = higher premiums. How much “risk” are you willing to accept when it comes to you or your families health? Where is your comfort zone between Risk and Cost? What are your options? Talk with an experienced professional to gather the trusted, accurate information necessary to mange your families healthcare needs.

Education, life style changes, and accurate information can often reduce these risks and make for an extended and much improved quality of life.

How can you reduce, avert, soften, or altogether delete these risk factors? Talk with an experienced professional.

How can TBS help you achieve these goals?

  • Client Education
  • Customized Individual Service
  • Qualified Experienced Personnel
  • Adaptive Personalized Protection

TBS Goal: Provide the necessary information and education our Clients need to make informed choices in setting up a personal innovative protection plan. Coupled with exemplary service TBS is a good choice as your professional partner through life’s ever changing circumstances.

Enjoy the satisfaction a good partner can bring to your health care needs.

“One size does NOT fit all.”

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